The "Not" So Fine Print of
"Say Goodnight Gracie" Catering
We are required by law to get the legal stuff out of the way so here you go.  "Say Goodnight Gracie Catering" is fully permitted and licensed by the Southern Nevada Health District, operates and cooks out of a fully complied by law commercial kitchen, is fully insured and has all up to date health cards and requirements.
Now that the boring legal stuff is out of the way, our philosophy is that this is YOUR special event, so we try to make it as easy and fun as possible without alot of rules!
So here's a list of our Do's and Dont's
  • We DO NOT charge additional fees for a: Chef, kitchen help, clean up, food prep or shopping.
  • We DO require that you to have a good time, eat some amazing food and leave the work and cleanup to us!
  • We DO require a BIG HUG at the end of the event!
Terms and Conditions
Food supply:
By signing the agreement with “Say Goodnight Gracie” Catering you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.  Say Goodnight Gracie catering will make enough food to feed the required guests, if for any reason food should run low, it is not the responsibly of the caterer. 
Food preparation:
“Say Goodnight Gracie” requires all left over food to be thrown away after 4 hours per the Southern Nevada Health Department. If the client chooses to keep leftovers that is done by their own discretion and is not the responsibility of Say Goodnight Gracie Catering.
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